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Task No.:29 Reward task500ROBEE Reward task : Submit the application after the task is done according to the requirements of the employer, and get the reward after it is adopted.

Promote RobeeAsk

Expiration Date: 00Days00hr00min00sec Amount in escrow:50000 ROBEE
Employer publishes requirement21.08.23 Employer begins to escrow reward21.08.23 Robin submission21.08.26 Employer begins to select the application21.11.22 Task accomplished

Task CenterTotal needs 100 Qualified submissions | Each submission will receive 500 ROBEE | Each Robin can only submit 1 application

Report Contact I take it already have2 submission | Adopted1 application | Refuse0 application | Still needs 98 application

Task requirements:
Place the below slogan on your social account:
Simple way to make money fast, make your time valuable.

1. Only personal, organic and active social account, not new account or ads account(Too many followings or a lot of promotion ads on account page will be considered as ads account.)
2. Never spam
3. Reply with the link and/or screenshot to prove your work.
Additional task requirmentPeterW Added from 2021-8-23 09:51
Social account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and so on.

Use props report

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RechardSport Published in 2021-8-26 23:14:39 | Show all reply

Use props report

RA_QuH6Xsxx6x Published in 2021-9-20 20:47:30 | Show all reply
Not adopted
Simple way to make money fast, make your time valuable.

Use props report

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